Ariel Sharon And The Anti-Christ


I know you are careful about engaging in antichrist speculation but I am very curious as to how Ariel Sharon fairs as a possible candidate . This so called “Lion of God” has been in a coma after a massive stroke for 7 years and is now showing significant brain activity. What if he wakes up but with limited use of his right side?


I’ve heard others compare this potential reawakening to Nebuchadnezzar’s return to the throne of Babylon after seven years of acute mental illness (Daniel 4). How ever you see it, if Mr. Sharon regains consciousness and is able to resume even a partially normal life, it will be cause for much celebration, as well as speculation. I am sure that in the eyes of many it would be as if he had been healed from a fatal wound, as Rev. 13:12 describes the anti-Christ. And partial paralysis, which sometimes occurs in severe stroke victims, is consistent with a description of the anti-Christ in Zech 11:17.

As of now he hasn’t returned to consciousness, so it’s too early to even consider the ramifications, but that won’t stop us from doing so. The possibilities are too intriguing.