Could The Anti-Christ Be Moslem?


I know there are differing opinions on who and where the anti-Christ comes from. Is there any indication that he may be a Muslim? Seeing that the whole region was a part of the Roman Empire is it possible. Or do you think he will be of European descent?


The only indications that the anti-Christ could be Molsem come from extra-Biblical sources and even those are only inferences, but when combined they form a compelling circumstantial case. Here are the main ones.

1. As the end of the age approaches, Islam is both the 2nd largest and fastest growing religion on Earth. Only Christianity is bigger, but after the rapture will become a distant 2nd to Islam. To me that makes Islam the most likely one-world religion.
2. Islam has a stated goal of taking over the world, by force if necessary.
3. The Roman Empire of Biblical times had both Eastern and Western divisions. Today the countries that made up the Eastern division are largely Moslem.
4. Western Europe is rapidly falling under the influence of Islam, so even a western anti-Christ could be Islamic.
5. Some Moslems expect a coming world leader they call al Mahdi. Their descriptions of him are strikingly similar to our descriptions of the anti-Christ. They say al Mahdi will be a peacemaker who comes in a time of chaos, that he’ll rule the world for 7 years, enforce the practice of Islam worldwide, and that at the end of his reign the world will be judged.