Muslim Vs. Christian Prophecy


I’ve noticed many times that when speaking of End Times, many teachers seem to give the Islamic prophecies the same credence as they do to Biblical prophecies. Is there a basis for belief in any Islamic prophecies? Some Christian teachers compare the Mahdi with the AC as if he is really going to show up in the End Times.


I can’t speak for the motives of other teachers but I find it interesting that the one some Muslims look to as a messiah figure bears a striking resemblance to the one Christians know as the anti-Christ. For example, they’ll both come on the scene during a time of great chaos, they’ll both claim to be peacemakers, both will have 7-year reigns after which comes judgment, both will head up a one world government and a one world religion. This can’t be coincidental.

Do I think al Mahdi will come? Absolutely. But not because Muslim prophecies say so. I believe he’ll come because Biblical prophecies say the anti-Christ is coming.