A Moslem Anti-Christ?


My question is regarding July 13th’s Q&A on Islam & the Anti-Christ. Please tell me if you think my reasoning and logic is off base on this subject. It would seem logical to me that the Anti-Christ would be a supposed Jew (possibly a poser Jew). The reason I would say this is because the Jews would most likely sign a “false” peace agreement with a fellow Jew, right? Not a Muslim of all people, right? The Jews in Israel have been attacked and terrorized by Muslims ever since their rebirth as a nation in May 1948. It just does not make sense to me that Israel would trust a Muslim leader.


Peace treaties are agreements between nations that have previously been at war. So it does make sense that Israel would sign a treaty with a Moslem. Today Israel has peace treaties with both Egypt and Jordan. Both followed a war in which Israel was victorious. In the case of the treaty that begins Daniel’s 70th Week Israel will have just won a war against a coalition of Moslem nations in what we know as the Battle of Ezekiel 38. The anti-Christ will enforce this treaty on behalf of the world community.