Ark Of The Covenant


I was recently in a discussion regarding the discovery of the ARK OF THE COVENANT. The person I was talking with said that it had been discovered by a man named Ron Wyatt. What is your take on this? If the Ark had actually been found wouldn’t there be national news about it? I would really appreciate any information you can give me. Thank You for all your efforts and GOD bless you!


If the Ark of the Covenant has been discovered, it’s a carefully guarded secret. Several people claim to know where it is, Ron Wyatt having been one of them. (He has since passed away.) Those who claim to know where it is don’t agree as to its location, some saying it’s in Jerusalem, others saying Ethiopia, and still others claiming it’s in Jordan.

The Ark’s verified discovery would be the biggest international news imaginable, not only because of what it would do to authenticate the Old Testament, and especially the Jewish nation, but because based on historical accounts of its power it would be classified as a weapon of mass destruction.