Armageddon And Ezekiel 38


Some prophecy teachers are claiming that Ezekiel’s battle is part of the Armageddon scenario. Some of their arguments seem to make sense. Is there any compelling reason why they can’t be right?


There are several reasons why Ezekiel 38 can’t be part of the Armageddon scenario. First, only some nations are involved in Ezekiel 38. For example, Saudi Arabia and Western Europe are on the sidelines watching and others, like Egypt, are not mentioned at all. But Zechariah 12:3, says that in Armageddon all the nations of the Earth will come against Jerusalem.

Second, how is Israel going to burn the left over weapons for 7 years (Ezek. 39:9) unless there are 7 years left in which to burn them? And then you have Ezekiel 38:11 telling us that Israel will be a peaceful and unsuspecting people when the Moslem coalition strikes. Could that be possible near the end of the Great Tribulation when all the nations are gathering to attack?

But most importantly, Daniel’s 70th week can’t start until Israel is back in covenant with God and the battle of Ezekiel 38 is what causes the covenant to be re-instated. (Ezek. 39:22) Armageddon comes at the end of the 70th week, not the beginning.