Ezekiel 38 And Armageddon


I have read a few of your responses to the difference between the Magog war and Armageddon, but I ran across a site today that claims to have 50 reasons why they are one in the same. I was wondering if you could comment on this.


It doesn’t matter how many reasons a person lists if they’re not accurate. You say you’ve read my opinion, so you know I believe Ezekiel’s battle is Israel’s wake up call from God (Ezek 39:22). The 70th Week and the accompanying Great Tribulation can’t begin until Israel is back in covenant with God and the Battle of Ezekiel 38 brings that about.

In addition, only some of the nations are involved in Ezekiel 38 while others sit on the sidelines and question (Ezek 38:13). In Zech 14:2 we’re told that all the nations of the world will be gathered against Jerusalem for the Battle of Armageddon.

And finally, Ezekiel 38 comes at a time when Israel is a peaceful and unsuspecting people (Ezekiel 38:11). The Battle of Armageddon will mark the end of a 3.5 year war to destroy every last Jew on the planet. No matter how long the list in favor of Armageddon is, these three things trump them all.