Armageddon Question


I have a question about the kings of the east and the motive for Armageddon. I understand that you believe the 6th trumpet judgment is a judgment which decimates the east in war. This is an interesting way of looking at it and I can see where you get that, and I agree that is a plausible explanation.

However, for the bowl judgment concerning the kings of the east, I do not think their motive is to fight with each other. I think it is to fight against the Lord. Psalm 2 describes this futile plan. The bible is clear that the armies at Armageddon do not gather to fight each other. Instead, they are united against a common enemy. That “enemy” I believe, is Christ. I would really like to know your thoughts on this.


I agree that Psalm 2 shows us both the general attitude of those who have struggled against God’s authority over man down through the centuries and the specific intent of the anti-Christ at the end of the age. After all, this battle is for control of the planet and although human forces may gather for the battle thinking that they’re fighting other humans, they’re under the command of Satan himself who knows that they’re really fighting against the Lord.

There’s no indication from the text of Rev. 16:14 that the rulers of the world know that they’re being rounded up to do battle against God, even though that’s the intent of the demonic trio that calls them together. It is likely that human motives are being stirred up to accomplish Satanic goals.