Armies On Horseback Again?


I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s generally best to take the Bible literally if it makes sense that way. I do have some problems with a passage in Revelation. In the Armageddon time, scriptures talk of horses in battle and, of course, the verse about blood being to the horses bridle. The standard explanation is that John was using his own understanding to communicate future events. I’m o.k with that, but then I read an article about EMP (electromagnetic pulse generation) a type of weapons system that, in simple terms, occurs when a nuclear device is detonated high above a city, the consequence being that everything electrical in the blast area is fried. I can’t understand the physics of it, but I assume it’s possible. So, do you think that it is possible that this could be how the US is taken out of the forefront of end times events? If an event like this happened over Europe, could that be a reason that the armies of Armageddon are on horseback, or an I reading too much into the verses?


According to many experts an EMP attack is the one area where the US is almost totally vulnerable to attack. Any enemy who could accomplish such an attack could essentially put the US out of commission for months, or possibly even years.

Some believe that by the end of the great tribulation armed forces will be equipped in much the same way as they were 100 years ago because nuclear detonations will have wiped out all electrical and electronic capabilities. If so, then John’s talk of attacking on horseback could literally be true and not just figurative language.

As we were riding the tour bus south from Megiddo on one of our trips to Israel, an engineer who was with us did some rough calculations and concluded that with the number of men and animals prophesied to be on the battle field we were driving through, there would probably be enough blood to fulfill John’s claim of a river of blood 4.5 feet deep and 175 miles (1600 stadia) long. This is the distance from Megiddo to Petra where Israel’s remnant will be protected.