Soldiers On Horseback?


Thank you again for the wisdom that God has given you to help those of us searching for answers! My question is, if we are to take the Bible literally, will Gog’s army (Ezekiel 38:4) actually be on horses again? Could something cause machines not to work and we go back to horses as our mode of transport?


Ezekiel didn’t say the attackers would actually be on horseback. That’s just the way early English translators interpreted the Hebrew. The Hebrew word Ezekiel used in Ezek. 38:4 would be something like leaper in English and often referred to a bird. But in the 1600’s soldiers didn’t fly around on birds, they rode horses. In short, there’s really no requirement for the soldiers to be on horseback. They could be in helicopters and planes. Neither will they necessarily be using bows and arrows, as Ezek. 39:3 indicates. Today these words might be translated as launchers and missiles.