Why Did He Ask Me That?


Recently my husband asked me this question. “If Jesus was standing before you today and gave you the choice of going with Him or staying with me, who would you choose?” I answered my husband honestly “I would choose Jesus”, my husband said that our marriage vows and marriage couldn’t mean very much to me then. I told him not to lay this guilt trip on me, that he asked the question and I answered him honestly. I told him that Jesus comes first. He took it quite well. I am stumped about why he asked me that out of the blue. What do you think?


Your husband wants to be the most important person in your life and can’t understand why you would put someone he doesn’t even believe in ahead of him. He asked you the question because he’s jealous of your love for the Lord and wanted you to reassure him.

This kind of question is not limited to those who are unequally yoked. Even believers have this problem because we all want to think we’re the most important person in our loved one’s life. But at least believers know that there’s a difference between the love we feel for our Lord and the love we have for our spouse.

Not being a believer, maybe your husband doesn’t have that perspective.You probably can’t explain it to Him, but you can remember his question and try to compensate by spending more time and /or paying more attention to Him.