Asking For Wisdom


I have been studying James 1:5-8. It sounds like if I believe without wavering that God will give me the wisdom I seek that he will give it liberally. Is there something wrong with my faith if the wisdom I ask for isn’t received? Am I being impatient?


I guess that would depend on how long you’ve been studying the Bible, and what your true motives are for seeking wisdom. James also said sometimes we don’t get what we ask for because we ask with wrong motives (James 4:3).

I remember complaining to the Lord that I didn’t have time to study and wouldn’t He just open the top of my head and pour all His knowledge into me. He didn’t do that, of course, but He did arrange my schedule so I had lots of travel time, which gave me more time to study. Then He put me in touch with a cassette tape ministry that sent me Bible study tapes as fast as I could devour them.

Later I realized that by asking I was trying to short cut the process, to gain the result without putting forth the effort. It was the wrong motive. So be patient, let the Lord teach you, and check your motive.