Average Life Spans


You said the End Times began when the nation Israel reappeared in 1948, and they will be over before the people being born at the time have all died. The phrase ” have all died ” leads me to my questions. My dad is 88 years old. Well beyond the 70-80 years Psalm 90. Many these days live into their 90’s even some centurions. Does this factor into the big picture of the second coming ?


Psalm 90:10 gives an average person’s lifespan as 70 years. Some die sooner and some live longer, but it’s the average that matters. UN statistics show that in about half the countries of the world life expectancy is 70 -80 years and the rest are below 70. Some African countries still have life expectancies in the 40’s. Of 191 countries, Japan has the highest average at 82.6 while Swaziland is the lowest is 39.8

This is why I said the End ties prophecies will be fulfilled before all those being born in 1948 have died.