Basketball In Heaven?


I remember where after Jesus was resurrected He ate fish with his new body and He still had fingers and toes and so on.My point is,He did not change into some type of ooze or blob etc.My 1st Question is,when we get to heaven,if I loved Basketball here,will I still be able to love it there and maybe play it? 2nd,Is it possible that if I played a Sport in Heaven my body may not get tired as easily as the one does here?Maybe extended amounts of energy because there is no sin nature that is killing our body throughout the day?After all,are not the things we see here copies of the REAL things in Heaven.Thanks for this Wonderful website!


From the Lord’s example we know that our post-rapture/resurrection physical appearance will be similar to our current one and that we’ll be recognizable.

But all we’re told about about the life to come is that it will be filled with bliss. No mention is made of whether we’ll enjoy the things we do now or will have entirely different interests. It’s safe to say that the removal of our sin nature will be the most releasing physical event we could imagine. Everything else is speculation, but I’m sure you’ve heard Billy Graham’s answer to the question of whether there’d be golf courses in Heaven. “If they’re necessary for our happiness,” he said, “Then they’ll be there.”