Married In Heaven?


When a man and woman marry they become one until death do them part. Right? So when the Rapture occurs and a married couple is taken to meet Christ in the air and doesn’t experience death, will they still be married? If not, will we have a special relationship in eternity with our spouse? Will we be able to have a family and enjoy sex still, possibly in the Millennium? Or just be close friends and ex husband and wife?


Various people have tried to describe the relationship that believers who were married on Earth will have in heaven. But it’s all just guess work because no one knows for sure. Jesus was asked a hypothetical question about a woman who married 7 brothers all of whom died. They wanted to know whose wife she’d be in eternity, and He said in effect that there is no marriage in heaven. (Matt. 22:23-33) That’s all we know.

Admittedly the phrase “till death do us part” would seem to exempt the raptured couple because they don’t die. But I think the Lord’s answer trumps any possible exemption on those grounds.

Married life as we know it seems to be reserved for those who miss the Rapture, become believers, and survive the Great Tribulation. They will continue to marry and have children on Earth. I’m persuaded beyond a doubt that we who were married in our former lives will look down from our home in the New Jerusalem and envy them not at all.