Is It OK To Be Married?


I have a question about marriage. Is it okay to be married? This may seem foolish but the Bible says it is better for a man to be single. I am already married but this makes me feel that I’m weak for not staying alone. thank you for your insight.


Right from the beginning, the Bible tales a positive view of marriage (Genesis 2:24). In the New Testament it’s called the model of the Lord’s relationship with the Church (Ephes 5:22-33) The only criticism is one made by Paul where he said that having a spouse could prevent us from being 100% focused on the Lord (1 Cor. 7:32-35) and that’s why he said it would be better to stay unmarried. But he also made it clear that he wasn’t saying this to restrict us, only to show us a way to live in undivided devotion.