Becoming A Partial Preterist?


For the past year I have been meditating on the finished work of Christ. I have found that it is more “finished” than I thought. Also that God is a very good God. I agree with you that in short we need to simply believe the Gospel. However, this leads me to believe that God had one shot to save mankind, Jesus, that this was a totally complete work, that there is not another “Word” to become flesh & die for our sins, and that all there is left is the Final Coming & the Final Judgment. Therefore I am inclined to be a partial Preterist but I am studying as fast as I can to settle the end times situation in my own mind!


There’s no denying that Jesus was God’s once for all time remedy for sin. Places like Hebrews 10:12-14 make this clear. Typically, partial Preterists believe the Lord will return to judge the world. But they also deny the rapture of the Church, the Great Tribulation, and the Millennium, saying that Biblical prophecies of these events have already been fulfilled in history.

To hold this view Preterists either have to substantially re-interpret or altogether ignore end times prophecies that together with those of the 1st coming comprise over 27% of the Bible’s content. They accept that prophecies of events surrounding the 1st coming were valid and have been fulfilled as written. I don’t understand their reasoning for denying the same validity to prophecies of events surrounding the 2nd Coming. The same God is the author of both.