More On The Partial Rapture Theory


In Revelation, only the Philadelphia church was told they would be kept “from the hour that would try the whole world.” We like to apply that to ourselves, but doesn’t that mean because the Philadelphia church was “hot” they preserved their entire generation from entering into the time of the end. In contrast, the next generation of believers, the Laodiceans, are so weak spiritually that as salt that has lost it’s savour, they have no preserving power to keep that hour from coming forth during their lifetimes( meaning the promise of the Philadelphia church cannot be taken and applied to our generation.) Do you think it could be possible to have a partial rapture–especially as John as the beloved disciple was the one chosen to receive the revelation, and he as the” type ” of those who will be delievered–showing us only those who are in close fellowship with Jesus will be shown the “open door” in heaven?


If you read the letters to Thyatira, which represents the Catholic church) and Sardis (the protestants) you’ll see some of them will be taken in the rapture (Rev. 2:24-25 and Rev. 3:4). They, along with Philadelphia (evangelicals) and Laodicea (liberals) are all present on Earth now. So the idea that they follow one another is not Biblical.

Also, here is no Scripture to support the fact that the rapture is based on anything other than membership in the Church. The basis for membership in the Church is belief (John 3:16). Belief is the only thing God requires of us (John 6:28-29). Jesus commended the church in Philadelphia for their faithfulness. (In Greek belief and faith are the same word.) In each of the seven letters of Rev. 2-3 those called over comers are those who refuse to add anything to their belief.

When Jesus accused the Laodiceans of being lukewarm, He was referring to their belief which was in their minds but not in their hearts. Otherwise He could not have rejected them (John 6:38-40). If you want to see a current day model of the Laodicean church look at the liberal denominations who acknowledge Jesus but don’t think He’s God, don’t believe you have to be born again to go to heaven, and in some cases don’t believe faith in Him is the only way to salvation. At the rapture, Jesus will spew them out of His mouth and they’ll be left behind.

Finally, the partial rapture theory makes inclusion in the rapture an issue of works, saying only those who’ve earned the right will be taken. This is a false teaching.