Believe Or Accept?


What is the difference between believing and accepting? I’ve always thought I am saved because I believe Jesus died for my sins. But I hear others say they’re saved because they’ve accepted Jesus as their Savior. Is there a difference?


For those who rely totally on the Lord’s death for their salvation, it’s really two ways of saying the same thing. By believing Jesus died for all of our sins we’re accepting Him as our Savior.

By the way, this is why I have a problem with people who claim to be saved when they believe Jesus only died for some of their sins.

For example, some folks believe Jesus only died for the sins they committed before they became believers. After that it’s up to them to remain sin free, and if they don’t their salvation could be revoked. Since it’s impossible to remain completely sin free, they’re really not saved.

Others believe God’s grace only applies after they’ve done everything possible to save themselves. They won’t know whether they’ve done everything possible until after they’ve died so they really don’t know if they’re saved or not. In my opinion both these groups are really holding themselves responsible for their own salvation since their personal effort is such a major part of the equation.