Why Do Some Accept While Others Reject?


We have all been created the same – we all get the same chance to get saved – but then I wonder why some say yes to Jesus, and are able to see them selves as sinners in the need for his salvation – and others do not see this, and instead choose the world, and thereby eternity in hell – why this difference? Are some better at heart than others, or what is the reason for the difference? What was it in me, that responded positively – does the bible give the answer?


That’s a good question. I believe there’s a God-shaped hole in the heart of every man, and that God makes repeated attempts to fill it.

But as the Kingdom Parables of Matt. 13 tell us, some have hardened their hearts due to their life experiences and reject His advances, some accept the idea of Jesus in their minds but don’t receive Him into their heart and fall away at the first sign of trouble, and some are pre-occupied by gaining all this world has to offer and ignore the next world altogether. Only a comparative few take His call to heart and give their lives to Him.

It’s not a question of some being better than others, but rather of some being more open to His call.