Believing In God And The Anti-Christ


The destruction of the northern invasion’s troops and allies with obvious supernatural intervention is said to show the Lord’s greatness and make Him known among nations (Ezek. 38:23), but apparently, this is not the same as the kind of acknowledgment that Zech. 12:10 speaks of, with Israel turning to Jesus as Messiah as a nation? I don’t understand how Israel could proceed to follow the anti-Christ if they had turned back to the Lord after the Ezek. battle. Ezek. 39:22 says: “The house of Israel shall know that I am the Lord their God, from that day forward”.

How can they know that and then proceed to follow the anti-Christ? Is Jesus as Messiah still out of their minds until the second coming and instead, Israel thinks that the anti-Christ is the messiah until then, and they are following God without Jesus by building the temple? The timing doesn’t fit the whole picture otherwise.


I think you understand it pretty well. At the beginning Israel, and indeed the whole world, will be astounded by the things the anti-Christ will be able to accomplish (Rev. 13:3-4).

And since the Jews have always believed that the Messiah will be just a man like King David was, they won’t see the problem with him until the middle of the 70th week when he proclaims himself to be God. Then many of them will have the same issue with the anti-Christ as their ancestors had with Jesus. This is why he turns on them during the Great Tribulation.

Then at the end, those who’ve survived and haven’t already recognized that Jesus has been their Messiah all along will have their eyes opened just before the 2nd Coming as Zechariah 12:10 says.