Could The Anti-Christ Come From America?


Hi, I have really enjoyed your website, especially since you have been answering questions from readers.

My question is: Is there any reason why the Anti-Christ has to come from Europe and not possibly America? I know that he will be descended from some part of the old Roman Empire, but when you consider that Americans are descended from just about every ethnic group on Earth, it seems he could just as easily be an American as European or Middle-Eastern. Not that I would want to wish that on anyone, but should we discount that possibility?


Technically, the anti-Christ could come from any country that was once part of the Roman Empire. (Daniel 9:26) Some believe that since the Romans had a substantial presence in Great Britain, then all of the British Empire can be included by extension, and that includes the USA, Australia, India, and even Hong Kong. Pretty soon the prophecy becomes so watered down that it’s meaningless.

History tells us that the more literal our view of prophecy is, the better, so that would mean he could come from any of those countries that were actually part of the Roman Empire at the time when Jerusalem was finally destroyed in 135 AD. This would include much of Europe including England, all the countries bordering on the Mediterranean up to the southern shores of the Black Sea, Mesopotamia, and a narrow span reaching east to the Caspian Sea across the northwest corner of Iran.