Does Ezekiel 38 Come First Or The Anti-Christ?


I know the Rapture is next, but after that do you think the anti-Christ is coming first or the Ezekiel war?


I think Ezekiel 38 comes first and then the anti-Christ officially appears on the scene and here’s why. At the end of Ezekiel’s battle, the Jews will realize that God is with them and there’ll be a world wide emigration to Israel. (Ezek.39:28) As they renew their covenant with God they’ll need a Temple to worship Him in the Old covenant tradition. I think the anti-Christ helps them to get permission to build it as part of the seven year treaty he confirms (Daniel 9:27) because in the middle of that treaty period he desecrates the Temple.

Until the Jews are brought back to faith, there’ll be no national desire for a Temple, so the Battle of Ezekiel has to come first. It’s quite possible that the anti-Christ will actually begin his official ascent to power from the victory he’ll achieve in bringing peace to Israel, something no one’s ever been able to do.