Could The Anti-Christ Come From Islam?


Hi I just re-read your article “The Powerful Delusion” and noticed that it seemed to signal that the Antichrist would be Islamic. Would that rule out Javier Solana and his European Neighborhood Policy that is taking effect in January like it did Gorbachev? If I’m not mistaken they are both atheists, and your article suggests that the Antichrist will be a theistic leader. Thanks for the help, may God bless you and your ministry!


Yes I believe the anti-Christ will be a theistic leader. After all his goal is to be worshiped as God. I also think he could turn out to be Islamic.

But there’s an interesting polarization shaping up among Christian scholars, separating those who’ve always held that the Catholic Church would emerge as the one world religion of the end times, (with a European anti-Christ) from those who remember that the Roman Empire also had an Eastern component, much of which is Islamic today. They contend that the ruler spoken of in Daniel 9:26 who will emerge from the old Roman Empire could as easily come from the Middle East as from Western Europe.

Some believe that after the faithful are taken in the Rapture, the remnant of Catholicism won’t have have as much trouble as one might expect in merging with Islam, especially if they’re helped along by a few apparitions. And I’ve read that more Moslems who convert wind up in the Catholic Church than any other denomination. There must be some level of comfort between the two.

Connecting the woman of Rev. 17 and the woman of Zechariah 5, both of whom personify wickedness, provides an additional clue. In Rev 17:9 we’re told the woman sits on seven hills, thought by most to be a reference to Rome. In Zech.5:9-11 the woman is being moved to a place which will have been prepared for her on the plains of Shinar, an obvious reference to Babylon, in the heart of Islamic territory.

Will the center for the one world religion be moved from Rome to Babylon at the End of the Age? By comparing the two passages, some are seeing just that.