Between The Rapture And Daniel’s 70th Week


Hello I love your site and i keep it bookmarked on my ipod to check nearly everyday. Here is what I can’t figure out. I know a lot of people think there may be a gap of time between the rapture and the start of the 70th week. My question is under which dispensation would this period of time be under?


According to Daniel 9:24-27 the dispensation of Law was interrupted seven years short of its scheduled completion by the crucifixion. Daniel’s 70th week is that missing 7 years and will begin after the rapture.

There was a 50 day delay between the interruption of the Law and the beginning of Grace to give Israel one last chance to accept the Messiah, but there is no reason for any such delay between the rapture and the resumption of the Law, nor does the Bible mention one.