Between The Rapture And Daniel’s 70th Week


A well known author recently wrote that “The one factor that is a big unknown is the amount of time that will elapse between the Rapture of the church and the signing of the covenant that will initiate the seven years of Tribulation.” To help me, can I just clarify your understanding of the Pre-Trib position on this matter? Surely the Rapture immediately triggers the Tribulation or have I misunderstood?


I first heard this idea 20 years ago as an off hand comment by a teacher who was trying to show that the rapture of the Church is not connected to any other end times events. By now it has been repeated often enough that some people think it’s a valid assumption. I disagree.

In fact, so much time has passed since this comment was first made that I don’t believe there is any “dead time” left in the fulfillment of end times prophecies. I think once they begin, the events remaining to be fulfilled will pretty much happen in rapid fire order.

Remember, Jesus said many from the generation being born when the first end times signs were fulfilled will still be alive at the 2nd coming (Matt. 24:34). The clock started ticking in 1948 when Israel reappeared on the world stage after a 1900 year absence.