Beyond Pardon?


My wife is fighting a constant battle in her mind thinking that she has committed the unpardonable sin. A few years ago “something” happened in her life at which time she told God in a time of anger she did not want anything more to do with him and even questioned his existence. She feels somehow that this would cause Him to remove His grace from her. Could you please reply to this so I can show her that this is not so!


Many people have been seriously angry with God at some point during their lifetimes. Some have denied knowing Him or even concluded that He doesn’t exist.

But here’s the truth. If your wife sincerely asked the Lord to forgive her, and invited Him into her heart, then He not only came to stay, but also accepted responsibility for keeping her saved and guaranteeing her position in heaven. (2 Cor. 1:21-22) He did so already knowing that she would do whatever it is that she’s done, and forgave all of the sins of her life (Col. 2:13-15). No one can take her out of His hands (John 10:27-30) and nothing can ever separate her from His love (Romans 8:38-39) regardless of how she feels about Him.

As soon as she’s ready, the Lord is waiting to restore her, just as He did Peter, who also denied Him.