The Blood Moons And the Peace Treaty


I just read your article The Coming Blood Moons. I agree with your thoughts, although there’s a high probability that something of prophetic significance will happen in or to Israel between the spring of 2014 and the fall of 2015. Do you think that it could be the signing of the peace treaty with Israel ? I was reading in Joshua 9 where they were tricked into signing a treaty without consulting with The Lord. The United States is pushing so hard for Israel to sign this treaty, I can see them being pressured into signing before long. What are your thoughts?


There would be a high probability of something of prophetic significance happening to Israel between the spring of 2014 and the fall of 2015 whether there were any lunar eclipses or not. I say that because these are the times in which we live. And as I demonstrated in my study, the blood moons mentioned in Joel 2, Matt. 24, Acts 2 and Rev. 6 are not lunar eclipses because in each of these cases the sun is also dark, making a lunar eclipse impossible.

The case for a connection between lunar eclipses and events in Israel’s history is circumstantial at best, and does not stand the test of Biblical accuracy. But because some Christians are so desperate to see prophecy being fulfilled they will jump at anything. My guess is that any event that happens in the Middle East in the next 18 months will be seen by some as a fulfillment of the “blood moon” signs.

I also don’t think that Israel signing a treaty with the Palestinians under current conditions would fulfill any Biblical prophecy as such. It will simply be another step toward putting Israel in a position where actual prophecy can be fulfilled.