Timing Of The Peace Treaty


Is the Peace Treaty of Dan 9:27 before or after Israel re-builds the Temple?


The Bible doesn’t specifically state the order in which these two events take place. Most scholars assume that one provision of the treaty of Daniel 9:27 permits the construction of the Temple. All we’re told is that in the middle of the seven year period covered by the treaty, the anti Christ will put a stop to the sacrifice and offering.

I believe that the treaty will put an end to the Battle of Ezekiel 38-39. It’s during that battle that the Jews will be re-awakened to the presence of God in their lives. Prior to that they won’t want a Temple because it would cause too much trouble.

As an example, some religious leaders in Israel believe the nation should reassert its sovereignty over the Temple Mount to end the religious discrimination against Jews and Christians there. Just the suggestion that official discussions on this topic should begin has all of Israel’s neighbors outraged.

If I’m right about the order of coming events the treaty will precede the Temple’s construction.