More About The Seven Year Treaty?


Can you tell me more about the 7 year peace treaty? Between whom will it take place, when and will we be raptured before then? Is it the last thing to take place before the rapture?


The seven year treaty is called a covenant in Daniel 9:27 and starts the clock on Daniel’s 70th week. While there’s no clear Scripture identifying the signatories, I believe it will happen in the after math of Ezekiel 38-39 as Israel recognizes that God has once again intervened in the affairs of man and He’s on their side. I believe it will “guarantee” certain rights to Israel, one of which will be the right to construct a new Temple in Israel. I believe the rapture will precede this treaty because the Church has to be gone before Daniel’s 70th Week can begin.

In the middle of the seven years, the anti-Christ will violate the covenant by desecrating the very Temple he helped bring into existence. This will so anger God that He will immediately commence a 3 1/2 period of judgment upon the world for the purpose of defeating the anti-Christ and his followers and establishing a Kingdom that will never be defeated or given to another (Daniel 2:44).