The Book Of The Covenant


I was reading in Exodus chapter 24 and I have some questions. It talks about the Book of the Covenant. From reading the chapter, I get the feeling it is associated with the 10 Commandments in some way. What is its purpose? I have heard of the Mosaic Covenant. Is this the same thing?


Most scholars see Exodus 20:18-23:33 as being the Book of the Covenant. It does not contain the 10 Commandments because they were written directly by God whereas the Book of the Covenant was written by Moses at God’s direction. Essentially the Book of the Covenant contains directions that were meant to help the Israelites keep the 10 Commandments.

In contrast, the Mosaic covenant, aka Sinaitic Covenant or Old Covenant, is thought by most to be the entire five books of Moses also called the Torah.