Book Of Life, Follow Up


First, I want to thank for for your daily articles and teachings. I go to your website every day and I have learned so much. You are truly blessed in the Lord for your teachings in the Word. I recently read an article about four Lord’s Books. I thought there were only 2, The Book of Life and the Lambs Book of Life. This article made reference to: The book of Births, (Psalms 139:16), The Book of Tears ( Psalms 56: 8), The Book of Remembrance (Malachi 3:16-17), and of course, the Book of Life (Rev 20:15). It did not mention the Lamb’s Book of Life. Is this article correct?


Not exactly. What the article called the book of births in Psalm 139:16 is really a reference to the Book of Life. So is the one to a book of tears in Psalm 56:8 which speaks of the Lord preserving our tears in a bottle and recording them in His book (the Book of Life). Of all the English translations I researched, only the NIV renders the Hebrew word for bottle as a scroll. The literal meaning of the word is a bottle made of animal skin, like a wineskin. It’s never used to describe a scroll.

The Scroll of Remembrance from Malachi 3:16-17 pertains to the record the Lord kept of a specific event in Israel’s past and should not be seen as a general reference. The Lamb’s Book of Life is basically the membership list of the Church and is specifically mentioned in Rev. 13:8 and Rev. 21:27.