Bozrah And Then Jerusalem?


I was wondering if you could give me a chronological time or sequence of the action in Isaiah 63 when Jesus comes from Bozrah, with His garments stained crimson.? Can you shed any light for me, as to when this takes place. I know it has not taken place already, so has to be future. I have heard that He does not set down on Mt. Olivet first, He goes to Bozrah first.

Also does your study on the Temple tell, where and how you arrive at the location of where the Temple will be built? Is that the Millennial temple? I presume it will be the one the a.c. desecrates but then Jesus comes and cleanses it? I so appreciate your wisdom.


Most scholars believe that the Lord comes first to Bozrah, the region of Petra, and then to the Mount of Olives. This is due in part to comparing the description of the Lord’s garment “dipped in blood” in Rev. 19:13 as He appears in the sky, and the question about His garment being stained crimson as He comes from Bozrah (Isaiah 63:1) In Isaiah 63:3 He explains that His garment became stained in His battle against the nations there.

My study entitled “The Coming Temple” explains how we know that Ezekiel’s Temple will not be in Jerusalem, but in Shiloh. I believe it will be built in the early stages of Daniel’s 70th week, desecrated by the anti-Christ, and cleansed for use in the Millennium. If so, this explains how the Temple could exist on the Day of the Lord’s return, even though the earthquake prompted by His arrival on the Mount of Olives will have destroyed the Jerusalem Temple Mount. It also explains the Lord’s accusation, made upon the return of the Shekinah Glory to the Temple, that the Jews had let foreigners officiate in Temple ceremonies. (Ezek. 44:7-8) something that’s never happened yet.