Building The Next Temple


Currently I am reading all your articles and responses to various people who inquired about the Temple Mount. You mentioned in your reply that the Third Temple will be built in Shiloh. I understand that Shiloh is only about 20 miles north of Jerusalem which is currently under the control of Israel. This being the case, why should Israel need the assistance of the antichrist to build the Third Temple since its construction will not be on Temple Mount, the most hotly contested property in the world today. I am referring to the covenant that the antichrist will enforce with Israel (Daniel 9:27) which perhaps will include the construction of the Third Temple. Isn’t it just a simple case of getting the required funds and technology to build the Third Temple? Does Israel need anyone’s approval to begin building this temple in Shiloh?


The current Temple Mount is the most hotly contested property in the world because both the Jews and, if they were willing to admit it, the Muslims believe that’s where both previous temples stood. Also, both groups believe the next Temple has to be built there, too. In all my trips to Israel and the Temple Institute, I could never interest anyone in discussing even the possibility of any other location. To this day I only know of a handful of Christian scholars who think Shiloh is the correct location, and I don’t know of any Jewish scholars who do, even though in Israel Ezekiel’s temple is considered to be the next and final temple.

I believe it’s quite possible that it will be the anti-Christ, using the authority of Ezekiel 45:1-4, who will convince the Jewish leaders that the next temple should not be built on the current temple mount, but in Shiloh. If so, this will further enhance his reputation as a great peace maker.