Where Will The Next Temple Be?


Thank you so much for being willing to answer questions; your Biblical knowledge and insight are very helpful. I have read various authors discuss the Dome of the Rock and the coming Temple having to be built on the same location and others disputing that by saying the temple described in Ezekiel as being further north and not necessarily involving the Dome of the Rock. Which do you see has the most Biblical support?


The support for building another Temple on the current Temple Mount is historical not Biblical. That’s where the first and second temples were built. Ezekiel 48 is the only place in the Bible that specifies where the next Temple will be, and that’s several miles north of the current Temple mount. Part of the problem is that Christian scholars have thrown another Temple into the mix which they call the Tribulation Temple and which is supposed to be built between what Jews call the 2nd and 3rd Temples. They see this Temple being built on the current Temple Mount, either where the Dome of the Rock stands or just north of it. Their thinking is that this temple will be built at the beginning of Daniel’s 70th Week, desecrated by the anti-Christ, and later destroyed making way for a 4th one, the one described in Ezekiel. Since the Bible specifically mentions only 3 Temples, I don’t support the Tribulation Temple hypothesis. For more detail on my opinion read The Coming Temple