Burning Magog’s Weapons


I love your site, i recently saw a Question someone sent in about Magog, and burning of weapons, etc….
I noticed in your answer to the person you mentioned ” And what would they burn? Even rifle stocks are no longer wooden. ” I didn’t know if you knew this or not but Russia has been using Lignostone in the production of its weapons. Lignostone “is a special kind of wood used for ‘coke breakers.’ It is stronger than steel, is very elastic… and it burns better than coal.” It definitely makes sense now about the burning the weapons.


I know about Russia’s use of lignostone, but I still think there would be an insufficient quantity to supply all of Israel’s needs for 7 years. For example, in 2002 Israel imported over 11 million tons of coal to meet 25% of the nation’s energy needs. That’s over 30,000 tons per day to supply 25% of the need. Not allowing for growth, if the weaponry was used exclusively it would take four times that much, over 120,000 tons every day for 2,520 days. That’s a lot of weaponry. I’ll stick with the nuclear answer.