Called To Worship?


We are studying Revelation in a Bible study and in chapter four we get a glimpse of heaven where God is being worshiped. My question is why are we called to worship God and will this be our eternal purpose. The word ‘worship’ can sometimes seem egotistical and I know God is not egotistical so why does He want us to worship Him.


Many of us get our concept of worship from being required to go to church on Sundays as children. But worship that is required is meaningless to God and is not something He either needs or wants. Those who are worshiping God in Rev. 4 aren’t simply acting out of obedience. They have the privilege of seeing the entire plan of God unfold and never get over their amazement. They worship Him as an expression of that amazement. It’s something they can’t help doing. When we come into His presence and finally know as we are known our reaction will be the same.