Is Sunday Worship An Image Of The Beast?


In Revelation 14 : 9-10 says, ” if anyone worships the beast and his image …… he also will drink of the wine of the wrath of God, “. Most of us Christian
Worship on Sunday, and not on Sabbath ( Saturday ). Is Sunday an image of the beast ? Are we worshiping the image of the beast which is Sunday ? Will we all go to hell because of this ?


Rev. 14:9-10 refers back to Rev. 13:14-15 which says the false prophet ( who has not yet appeared on the scene) will set up an image in honor of the beast (anti-Christ) which he will then cause to appear as if it’s a living thing, and require everyone to worship it. This will take place just after the Great Tribulation begins, after the Church is gone (neither of which has happened yet).

An image is a representation of something, and Rev. 13:14-15 confirms this to be a physical image, not a symbolic one. It’s like a statue. All these facts lead us to the conclusion that the image cannot be a day of the week and therefore we cannot go to hell for worshiping on Sunday. Paul said all days are alike and each of us should fully convinced in our own mind as to which one we choose (Romans 14:5). In other words, it doesn’t matter if we worship on Saturday or Sunday as long as we’re convinced we’re doing the right thing.