Can We Choose To Be Saved? Follow Up


Re: Can We Choose To Be Saved? Thank you so much for this very encouraging message. God be praised!

I do have one question, though, (that perhaps you have addressed elsewhere?) about our part in the “salvation of our souls”. Since it seems the choice is up to each human individual to avail oneself of the “amazing grace” unto eternal life, how is it then that this choice could not therefore, lead to pride in one’s “superior” ability in making such a “good” and “great” decision? Have you seen/heard of this in anyone?


No, I haven’t. If anything, Christians tend to have the opposite reaction, and find it hard to believe that Jesus would actually have died for them. I believe this is due to the indwelling Holy Spirit who helps us to put our salvation in its proper perspective. However, the pride you speak of is often found in those who believe they’ve earned their salvation. This sometimes presents itself as a form of false humility, as mentioned by Paul in Colossians 2:22-23.