Can Christians Use Marijuana?


What is your opinion of casual, infrequent marijuana use by Christians, done in private, in a safe setting? True, it’s use is illegal and health risks of smoking are well documented. Those issues aside, in your opinion is it sinful to enjoy the “buzz” of pot or the sensation that a glass or 2 of wine provides?


This is a controversial issue about which many Christians have strong opinions. But there is no Biblical prohibition against drinking in moderation. Wine is specifically mentioned as being permitted, as are other “fermented beverages”.

God could not have allowed the Israelites to use their tithe money to purchase such beverages (Deut. 14:26) and Jesus could not have changed water into wine for the wedding guests (John 2:1-10) if drinking it was a sin. (Claims that He made non-alcoholic wine for them can not be supported.)

That said, the numerous warnings against over indulgence make it clear that drinking to excess is a sin, and I think that applies to other substances as well. Also, Paul warned us to avoid doing anything in the presence of another believer that would cause him or her to stumble (Romans 14:21).

Finally, Christians are required to obey the laws of man (Romans 13:1) as long as doing so doesn’t violate God’s law. Therefore, if the private use of marijuana is illegal where you live, or if you’re not legally old enough to use it, don’t do it.