Can He Reject His Faith?


My husband of 25 years told me several months ago that he is considering rejecting his faith and becoming an atheist. We have both been Christians for almost 30 years. We raised four kids and served in the church together. He did not fake his faith or try to fool anyone or pretend. I believe in my heart that he was born again and filled with the Holy Spirit. I have been in anguish since he told me this because I believe if he says there is no God or Savior that he will not go to Heaven. He has handed back his salvation and said no thanks. Is this possible?


There are only two possibilities here. Either your husband was never saved in the first place, or else something has happened to cause him to deny his faith, similar to Peter denying the Lord on the night of his betrayal. We know from subsequent events that Peter was acting irrationally to over powering circumstances. Regardless of what your husband says, no one who is truly born again can simply reject his faith. He has the seal of the Holy Spirit and God Himself has taken ownership of him and accepted responsibility for keeping Him saved (2 Cor. 1:21-22).

You have no way of knowing for sure that your husband is really saved since you can’t know the hidden motives of his heart. But if you’re convinced that he is, then you should begin looking for the overpowering external circumstance that’s motivating his current behavior.