Seeking His Kingdom And His Righteousness


I’m a born again christian, and I’m aware that, once saved, a Christian should seek His kingdom and righteousness, as you have taught. I know the reason behind doing so, what don’t know is HOW? Please outline this process for me in a way that is practical and simple. Maybe a step by step type of thing? I’m aware that time is really short so I want to do something of value to God. I’m also aware that life is really hard now these days and the only way to get by is with God’s help.


Your relationship with the Lord is not based on a set of rules to be obeyed or a list of instructions to be followed. It’s based on the attitude of your heart. Therefore seeking the Lord’s Kingdom and His righteousness, as He admonished us to do in Matthew 6:31-33, is a matter of making His will for you the first priority in your life.

You’ve already sought His righteousness by becoming a believer (Romans 3:21-22) which also makes you a part of His Kingdom. Now, decisions in any part of your life should only be made and implemented after consulting with Him in prayer.

In Romans 12:1-2 Paul said to make our whole being a living sacrifice to God. That means everything we do should be for the purpose of pleasing Him, whether it involves our work, our play, our relationships, or our worship. Determining what the Lord wants for us can seem difficult in the beginning, but with a little practice it soon becomes intuitive.