Can We Hinder God’s Work In Others?


I recently received a Daily Devotion from a Christian website, which began as follows:
“Do we fully understand what it costs the kingdom of God when we live with a restricted commitment to Christ? Countless souls may never hear the good news, much-needed Christian workers may never put feet to their faith, and prayers that would have been answered are never uttered.”

This statement disturbed me, because it seems to imply that our shortcomings can somehow prevent God’s Will from being done in the lives of others. I can understand how our decisions directly effect our own lives, but if we fail to witness to someone, for example, does this mean that they will never hear the Good News and in effect, we are hindering their salvation? Thank you for bringing clarity to issues like this that are not always so easy to understand.


Sad to say this is someone trying to make Christians guilty for not doing all they can and should. The truth is that God’s kingdom does not depend on us. In Matt. 16:18 Jesus said He will build His Church.

We’re invited to help out but our failure to do so will not impede the Kingdom’s advance. God doesn’t miss any opportunities because of our unwillingness. If we don’t cooperate, He will find someone else who will. We’re the only ones who will miss out.

If this were not so, all the unsaved people could claim a legitimate excuse, saying it’s our fault they didn’t get saved because we never told them. Being just, God could not condemn them. Imagine the problems that would create for Him.