Storing Up For Others


Since I also believe in a pre-trib rapture, I don’t anticipate being here for Daniel’s 70th week. But plenty of newly reborn Christians will be here in the days, weeks and months following the rapture. Those new Christians are going to need all the help they can get. So we do some doomsday prepping, but not for us, because we know we won’t be here. We prep for those who won’t make a decision for Christ until it is too late to be part of the Church. We’ve stockpiled some food, water purification and storage supplies, weapons, winter clothing, medical supplies, firewood, backup generator, barter items and other things we think will be needed post rapture. But most importantly, we’ve put together a library of Bibles and Bible study resources, both hard copy, and electronic media, because those new Christians will need these kinds of hidden Bible resources in a world hostile to them and all things related to Jesus Christ. I think it is possible to do both things, doomsday prepping and laying up treasures in heaven. What do you think?


I’ve had numerous questions like this before and my answer is always the same. Why are you storing up goods for some future need when you won’t have any say in how they are used or by whom, when you could be distributing them to people with genuine needs now and be certain that their use will meet the “treasure in heaven” qualifications. Do you think the Lord will not be able to provide for His own after we’re gone? Or that there are no genuine needs now?

Unless the Lord has specifically and clearly called you to do this, I would suggest there are plenty of people who need the things you’re storing up right now.