Storing Food For The Future


I know the Bible says not to store treasures for yourself here on earth but to store your treasures in heaven. I believe the Bible entirely and try to follow Gods word. However, I do believe God gave us a little thing called common since. With the increase of natural disasters and the threat of terrorism, I have started putting a supply of food and water away. Not because I don’t trust God to take care of me and my family, because he has all this time, but because he has given us warnings as to how evil the world is and will become. Do you think I am being foolish for storing or do you think it is a wise idea just in case something like a natural disaster were to occur?


It’s a fact that for most of the age of man, people have not had the option of storing up excess against the possibility of future shortages. Neither has the ability to preserve food for extended periods been available. These factors kept most people in “just enough just in time” mode through out their lives. They depended on the Lord to see them through. And when hard times came because of their disobedience, no amount they had stored up was sufficient for their needs (Haggai 1:3).

James said if we have more than we need and ignore the needy around us our faith is dead (James 2:15-17). And Jesus said our generosity toward others would be matched by His generosity toward us (Luke 6:38).

I don’t think we can be faulted for having moderate amounts of food on hand. But if it ever becomes a case of hoarding large amounts for possible future needs while there are those around us with out enough in the present, then we have a problem.