Can I Leave Him?


I’m in turmoil and need an answer soon for my very health depends on it. My husband of five years lied to me before we married and told me he was a christian. Only I found out later, by his own admission, that he had lied about that. Long before I met him, he was a drug addict and had gotten clean. If it wasn’t for that and him telling me that he was a believer, I wouldn’t have married him but he led me to believe he was someone he was not. Am I free to leave him due to his repeated lies and lack of remorse?


The Bible won’t be any help to you as far as divorcing your husband is concerned, if that’s what you’re asking. Even though your husband isn’t a believer you can only get a Biblical divorce if he’s unwilling to live with you (1 Cor. 7:13). But even though you are married, you aren’t required to live under the same roof with him. You can leave and tell him he has a choice to make between you and the drugs. If he chooses you, require him to enter rehab and insist upon a period of time when he’s clearly living a drug free life before deciding whether to go back.