How Can We Prepare For This?


There has been much speculation on the next horrific attack to hit the U.S. I have heard from more that a few sources, some are Christian, that the borders remain open to welcome terrorists and their weapons into major cities with the goal of annihilating millions and thereby fulfilling the power structure’s intention to reduce world population. Is any of this Biblical for the US and will it precede the Rapture? I understand the military and political leaders have underground cities designed to survive such an attack but the rest of us are sitting ducks. How could one possibly prepare for something this catastrophic?


Being a Christian does not make a person immune to spreading whatever conspiracy theories are currently popular, so my advice is don’t believe anything you hear and only half of what you see.

I agree that it’s hard to understand why our government does not act to control entry into our country. But so far their failure to do so has dramatically increased our population, not reduced it.

Since the US is not mentioned in the Bible, and since no one knows for sure when the rapture will come, no one can say the Church will be gone before whatever could happen happens. Same goes for being prepared; no one can say how best to do it.

My advice is if you live anywhere near a target city, make sure you’re saved, because you’ll probably get a head start on eternity no matter how well prepared you are.