How Should We Prepare For The Days Ahead?


My question comes from a statement in your “Habakkuk Speaks…conclusion” lesson. Toward the end after the comparisons between how America is now and the warnings about the judgment to befall Israel then, you make the statement that we should not just wait around for the inevitable to happen, that we should use this time to prepare. My question is, how are we to prepare? Do we prepare in the natural by stockpiling food and water in anticipation of an EMP or demise of our economy? Do we buy gold and other commodities to trade and barter with? Or are we to prepare spiritually only…to learn to take the Lord at His word that He will see us through, that He really means Matthew 6:31-33 and will be our only source of sustenance?

I am not sure how to reconcile in my mind that He will provide for our needs without doing something to prepare that which is within my control. But, if one does prepare to the best of ones’ ability to sustain life, ie stockpiling, planning, etc, isn’t that disobedience towards the Lord for not taking Him at His word? Wouldn’t that show that ones faith is little? Then again, He gave us a mind and a brain to think with and the ability to prepare. HELP! A little guidance is needed please.


I believe our preparation should be on two fronts. First we should recognize that God is faithful and we will be sustained through difficult times by faith in Him. Therefore we should work to strengthen our faith. We do this by exercising it, walking by faith even though we aren’t currently experiencing difficulty. Learn to rely on the Lord again as at the beginning, not making any decisions without seeking His will. Pray without ceasing, pray about everything. Study His word daily, especially Psalm 62. Put Him back in charge. Cultivate like minded friends and study with them.

Second we should begin simplifying our lives and our lifestyles. Start divesting ourselves of things that distract or enslave us. Live a life closer to our basic level of need, below our means. Get rid of high or variable interest debt and stop accumulating new debt. Sell off unneeded assets, especially those with debt attached, or that are depreciating in value. Follow the example of the animals like ants and squirrels, who when life is good and easy, stock up for times when it won’t be. Get and/or stay current on our tithing. In short become better stewards of our resources.

Above all remember that even the experts will find themselves unprepared to react to the difficult times that may be ahead. Only God can see the end from the beginning. Only He can guide you safely through the storms of life. And only He has promised to do so.