Can Satan Restore Life?


Today I received a revelation from “Israel my glory” magazine which confused my biblically uneducated mind and I need your help. Satan doesn’t have the ability to restore life once someone is dead. Does the AntiChrist come back to life after receiving the apparently deadly head wound as I have always believed? My study bible says maybe the reference is to the Roman Empire or to the AntiChrist but doesn’t really say either one is for sure the healed item.


The abundance of personal pronouns in Rev. 13:1-8 convince me that it’s talking about a man, not a governmental entity. Because Satan doesn’t have the ability to create or restore life, many commentators believe this is a counterfeit death and resurrection scenario, and the wording in Rev. 13:3 supports this view. In effect, it doesn’t say he died, but that the wound he suffered “appeared” to be fatal. The important thing is that the unbelieving world will think it’s real, and that will confirm his supernatural nature in their eyes.