Can Taking Communion Heal Us?


I was watching (a well known TV preacher) while He and his guest were discussing Communion, and how it can be taken daily to heal our infirmities. Now, I believe that God does indeed heal today, but the way they presented it made me think that they were using Communion as a tonic. I covet your thoughts please.


I’m not aware of any Biblical teaching that promotes the healing properties of communion. The Lord commanded us to observe it as a memorial to His death until He returns, at which time we will cease celebrating it. He didn’t specify how often we should do this, saying only, “whenever you do this”. In 1 Cor. 11:29-30 Paul warned that by observing communion improperly the Corinthians were bringing judgment upon themselves in the form of sickness and death. Maybe this preacher was taking the reverse view that doing it properly will restore health, but I don’t believe Paul meant to imply that.